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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Time to wrap up the show!

We are almost home! As the ship rolls and pitches, and waves crash on our deck everyone is packing furiously. Many are green with sea sickness but the Raytheon techs are cracking the whip. Everything has to be dismantled, packed in huge craters, labeled, and the labs cleaned. The rules and regulations are astounding. The paper work would frustrate even an Indian bureaucrat.

Every tick of radioactivity has to be accounted for in a spreadsheet that does not want to be saved. Every chemical waste has to be gotten rid of correctly and every chemical inspected. The interns have a great time removing the white paper lining that covers the tables which they had fixed so enthusiastically just a month ago.

Over the weeks they have been scribbling on this paper, practicing their names in the Devnagiri script with Joaquim as their calligraphy tutor!

The Irish pub has sent word that there will be a barbeque for us once again. My report on what went on at that barbeque will be my last!


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